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"Rob, I take another class here in person. I’ve taken 2 other courses online. I get more from yours and consistently get ideas explained in a way that makes it easy for me to understand. I LOVE getting Korean from an English speaker who started where I am."
Angel Lynch
K-drama and Culture Fan

"I've seen my level of Korean skyrocket in the past 12 weeks. Thank you so much for this course, it has helped me so much, and I really can't believe how much Korean I've learned in such a short time!"
Brad Weeder
English teacher in S. Korea
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  • 1xTrial Month (weekly group sessions)$20

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What you're getting in the trial month:

FOUR HOUR-LONG VIDEO LECTURES: Recorded in a live class so it’s like you’re in the class as well

FOUR LIVE PRACTICE SESSIONS: with a native Korean-speaker to practice what you learn in the video lectures

Mp3-FILE RECORDINGS: recordings of the main target language in each video class, done by a native-speaker, that you can use to improve your listening and your pronunciation

DOWNLOAD-AND-PRINTABLE HANDOUTS: the exact same handouts we use in all the video lectures so you can follow along perfectly and take notes (again, just like you’re in the class)

REVIEW/PRACTICE PAGES: for extra practice and better retention of all the concepts, vocab, and structures you learn in the videos 

ACCESS TO THE KDA TEAM: to help answer any questions you might have, and to help the process of everything run as smoothly as possible

Our promise to you:

A more streamlined learning process, for better results in a shorter amount of time!


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Bank Name: NongHyup
Bank Number: 312-0087-6126-51
Name: 이화선 (Lee HwaSun)

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